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The school is required to complete registers of children’s attendance every school session and any absence of children has to be accounted for as either Authorised or Unauthorised absence. In light of this it is essential that school be informed if your child is absent for any reason, either by letter or by telephone call prior to, or immediately following, the absence. Amendments to the 2006 pupil registration regulations remove references to family holiday and extended leave as well as to the statutory threshold of ten school days (authorised at the discretion of the Head Teacher).
The amendments make clear that:
The Headteacher will NOT authorise absence in the following circumstances:
  • Shopping
  • Birthdays
  • Looking after other family members
  • Waiting in for Trades People
  • Holidays
  • Unapproved sporting events.
  • Continued lateness to school.
Leave of absence in term time request form. Click here  

Unauthorised Absence

Truancy which includes:
  • Unexplained absence (no note / contact from parents / carer).
  • An unacceptable reason for absence is provided.

Responding To Non-Attendance

When a pupil does not attend school, we will respond in the following manner: Ask for explanation for absence and log parental responses in order to determine appropriate registration coding. If an acceptable reason for absence is not provided the absence will be classified as unauthorised. Unauthorised absence may result in intervention from the Education Welfare Officer. In the case of persistent non-attendance, and following a set period of intervention with our Education Welfare Officer, we will seek support from the Local Education Authority for statutory action in the form of warnings or a fixed penalty notice.  

Fixed Penalty Notices:

The Education Act 1996 clearly state: ‘If any child of compulsory School age who is a registered pupil at a school, fails to attend regularly, the parents of the child shall be guilty of an offense.’ This may result in each parent or carer being issued with a £60 fixed penalty notice. The school will consider applying to the local authority for the issue of fixed penalty notices in the following circumstances:

Statistical Information on School Absence

The school is required to publish data regarding overall and persistent absence. The following are the percentages for Academic Year 2015/16 for compulsory aged pupils (Year 1 – Year 6).