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Updated School uniform policy as of September 2016uniform3 We encourage all the children to wear our school uniform. It is one way of bringing children together, of expressing pride in their school and motivating high expectations of themselves and the others around them. Our school uniform is:

For summer months: Footwearplain black shoes should be worn at all times in school. Trainers will not be permitted unless in exceptional circumstances and agreed with school. PE Uniform Outdoor PE Kit Football kits and logos are not permitted. Please ensure that all items of clothing are named To order school uniform please go to the following website Children are NOT permitted to wear make-up to school, this includes the wearing of nail varnish and transfers / temporary tattoos. Patterns in children's hair or unusual colours are not in line with our high expectations and are not permitted. Jewellery is also not allowed in school except for watches. Valuables such as these can easily be damaged or lost, and could also present a safety hazard. If your child has pierced ears a pair of plain studs is acceptable, but even these must be removed during P.E. lessons and are not allowed at all during swimming sessions